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Food Stylist

Sébastien Mouraud

Food Stylist

Sébastien Mouraud

Food Stylist

Sébastien Mouraud

A tasty profession

Putting your products under the spotlight, making your vegetables appear crispy, decorating a cake. As a culinary stylist my work is all about presenting food so that it can be used in packaging or in campaigns and advertising videos. I offer research and development solutions to my clients in order to come up with new recipes, or explore new possibilities for the use of their products. Working closely and in collaboration with culinary photographers, my objective is to present your food in the most attractive way to consumers – and to help increase your sales!

A meticulous professional


Sébastien Mouraud combines the eyes of a photographer with the hands of a confectioner!


After graduating as a confectioner-chocolatier, Sébastien spent six years working in his profession in the Brittany region before moving to Paris to work as head of confectionary for Pierre Herme (French chocolate company) and a luxury catering services company.


In 2008, Sébastien used his meticulousness and creativity to launch his idea of culinary styling to the world.


Thanks to all his hard work, he has managed to highlight ingredients and design dishes that aesthetically delight the eyes of photographers. His first steps in culinary styling were made by large communication agencies such as DDB, Phileas, Jésus Food Agency, Euro RSCG, as well as for different clients: Unilever, Nestlé, Mars, Lactalis, Groupe Leduff and Labeyrie.


Hiding behind a discreet character but one of full of humour is a talented businessman. With many years of experience, Sébastien has been able to offer his clients the “perfect” recipe: 500 g of good humour, 1 kg of hard work, 1.5 L of reactivity and 300 g of meticulousness.

My references

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My collaborators


Nicolas Bertherat, Bertrand Duquenne, Franceso Majo, Francis Guillard, Gilles Bouchard, Guillaume Gauter, Natacha Nikouline, Raphaël Auvray, Seb Michel, Stéphane Ruchaud, Studio B, Studio Luminescence.



Atelier Sésame, Atelier Verto, Black and Gold, Bonté DivineDragon Rouge, CA Com, Chez Phileas, Notchup DDB, Graphemes, Jesus et Gabriel, Les arbres fruitiers, Octobre, Kérozen.


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    8 rue du Châtelet, 35600 Redon, France

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    +33 6 62 67 54 35